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When it comes to winter weddings, a good facial cleansing regime and correctly applied make-up are extremely important.

When it comes to the chilly months, one needs to jazz up their skin care routine to ensure that the skin remains flawless and glamorous during the cold months. One of the important things to remember is to use a ample amounts of skin-priming moisturizers, especially meant for winters, as they often have exfoliating properties and therefore help lower the concentration of alpha hydroxide acids. Other good tips when it comes to a winter facial care regime is to avoid night cream and to always (and we mean always) use sun protection by applying a moisturiser or foundation with a broad-spectrum sun protection factor.

When it comes to winter make-up, matte shades such as coffee and chocolate for eyes and berry tones for lips and cheeks are the way to go. They’re striking, while at the same time ‘natural-looking’.



A bit of sheen on the eyes and lips can also do wonders. It’s perfect to make these two features stand out, yet subtle enough (especially if natural tones are used) to keep you looking naturally beautiful. Smokey eyes are also a perfect look for winter with colours such as cinnamon and coffee giving off the sought-after sultry effect. Although black mascara will always be the preferred choice, don’t be afraid to move away from the norm. Don’t be afraid to give shades of aubergine a try or, if you are a little less daring, try dark brown!

For a radiant look, give tinted powders with a slight shimmer a go which together with a sheer layer of creamy blusher can really boost your subtle makeup. When it comes to lips, the perfect winter pout can be created by dabbing some sheen on the lips while a natural look will be accentuated with the use of tinted lip balms in winter colours such as honey, blackberry and red currant.

Top Tip:
Beauty experts say that besides choosing the right make-up, a good night’s rest the eve of the wedding is absolutely essential to ensure you look gorgeous on your special day. And it makes sense because dark rings under the eyes is taboo for a bride. So make sure the night before you say ‘I do” that you eat a good, nutritious meal and get to bed early so that you don’t look dull and sick at the time of the occasion.