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If you’re baffled about what type of wedding cake to go for, step back and
look at your gown!

As strange as this may sound this is what wedding cake experts these days are re-commending. According to these professionals a wedding cake should be more than just a symbolic element – it should enhance the entire theme of the wedding and portray the couple’s (especially the bride’s) personality and sense of style.

Wedding cake trends these days are proof of this! As with gowns, gone are the days of dull, frilly, white cakes. Today’s wedding cakes are clean and classic and are being used as part of the dessert course rather than just for show.
Carrot cake, cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake with rich ganache and fruit fillings are being requested more and more these days as are multi-flavoured cakes, so that each guest has a choice in the flavour they are served. Understated yet whimsical designs, such as cakes covered in blush-coloured frosting and punctuated with tiny silver-dusted polka dots or pale blue-fondant frosted cakes studded with chocolate-brown sugar flowers, are also in big demand.


Although round tiers are still the preferred choice of today’s couples, many are giving square, octagon, and hexagon confection a go. These shapes symbolise uniqueness and creativity and are a must for casual, ultra-modern ceremonies.

Cake tiers stacked upon tall Roman columns are a thing of the past. Layers placed directly on top of each other are what most brides (and grooms) are looking for these days. Although pillars are still used in some modern cakes (especially if the cake is too heavy) they’re usually hidden behind fresh flowers or other creative decorations.


Strangely enough, a popular trend in this day and age is the whimsical cake (aka Mad Hatter). This intentionally ‘funny’ looking confectionery boasts lopsided tiers and bright colors and is usually adorned with big funky flowers and beads. Although not a trend that will suit everyone, it is in high demand by couples who want their wedding cake to make a statement about their uniqueness.
Fresh flowers continue to be a popular adornment for wedding cakes, though sugar-paste flowers are still holding their own. Unfussy, simple blooms are all the rage lately with the most frequently used being orchids, calla lilies, tulips, and gardenias.
When it comes to colour, today’s confections are taking a spin on the colour wheel.

Ice blue, pistachio, rum pink, and lavender are making their mark on the wedding cake scene along with shades of butterscotch, burgundy and cafe au lait. Many confectioners are also making cakes that incorporate two tones of the same colour such as snow white fondant tiers wrapped with textured white ribbon or topped with white calla lilies (yummy!)