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When trying to lose a couple of kilos before your wedding day through exercise, a lot of people still believe that only doing a bunch of sit ups every day will shrink their waist and so get rid of their belly.


This statement is not completely true. Although abdominal exercises help to firm up the waist it does not necessarily burn all the fat at the area being trained.
Unfortunately there is more to it. Using a combination of regular weight training exercise, some cardiovascular exercise along with a balanced diet is the best way to go. Yet again, saying this I don’t mean you should spend the whole day in the gym and live on lettuce. Start off with about 30 to 45 minutes 3 times per week and increase it from there.
Starting off slowly gives your body time to adapt to what you want it to do and allows you to have fun while doing it. Exercise should never be torture. If you start off too hard chances are good that you won’t even last two weeks. Also don’t be expecting the weight to just drop of in one month.

Give yourself enough time to reach your goal. I always say that in order to get in shape and be healthy there is no “quick fix” and as soon as you’ve reached your target you just carry on the way you were. To be in shape and healthy you need to change your lifestyle a little. It is easier to maintain something than to try and fix it every time it is broken.

Here’s where the staff at your local gym comes in. It’s always a good idea to get some advice on training programs and eating programs to help you set realistic goals and to help you stick to them. For some extra advice on nutrition and getting in shape, feel free to give a call and arrange a session with me (Armand) or Elie at 0137523335. Situated at Elie’s Personal
Training gym in Nelspruit.