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Cut, design, style and trends are all very important aspects to keep in consideration when it comes to your wedding!

Every girl dreams of that special day - the pressure is on. Things have changed over the years and the traditional white wedding dress is not your only option anymore. The options are endless and nothing is out of bounds! Some women go for something ultra sexy, others go for something feminine and elegant while others prefer a pants suit with shoes or without, the options are endless.
Being a Stylist/Image Consultant I get to work with women everyday. I never try to change them but rather show them what they can look like and help them find their own signature style. The key here is that your personality should shine through - this is after all one of the most important days of your life so make it a memorable one in your own style. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss one of the most important factors in fashion  trends.  Somehow, somewhere, the latest trends will influence your decision on either colour, theme, design or bridesmaids’ dresses. Television, magazines and red carpet events will influence your choices.
Always keep in mind a trend is just that! In other words: what’s in “today” might be out “tomorrow”.
The Style or theme that you decide on for your “Big Day” will be on your wedding DVD and photo’s - the “stuff” you want to show your children one day!!

The conclusion is this - use today’s trends to get inspiration ,but find your unique style that suits your personality.
Now , just TRY to relax and love every second of your picture perfect day.

 Wedding Gown Tips

1. Make sure your gown makes you feel like a princess when you put it on.
When you look good, you feel good.
2. Collect magazine clippings of wedding gowns you like, and see if you can
find those styles or something similar.
3. Wedding gowns tend to run small. You will probably need a wedding gown
that is a size or two larger than your normal size.
4. When you go for your fittings, consider wearing a strapless bra. This will help you get a better feeling of how each wedding gown would look during your wedding.
5. When you go to get fitted for your gown, make sure that you bring your mother or maid of honor with you. If neither of these people can be there, take a friend whose opinion you trust. If nothing else, this friend can provide some support.