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The old adadage – a woman’s hair is her crowning glory – is absolutely true and even more so when it comes to the most special day of a woman’s life.

The right style combined with the right colour and hair accessories can really go a long way to ensure that you, the bride, will look and feel amazing throughout your wedding. Not only will it leave you feeling like a million bucks, it’ll also leave you looking like it - guaranteed!
The most important thing about your wedding day hairstyle is to plan ahead! Getting anything major done (colouring, streaking or a drastic style change) a mere week before the big day is an absolute no-no!
If you want to try something new do it at least eight weeks before the occasion because in the event that you don’t like it, the damage can be repaired before it ruins your special day!

Choosing a style:
This is probably one of the toughest decisions when it comes to a wedding. Granted, it doesn’t involve rocket science, but since this is the single, most important day of your life, just the thought of it can be rather daunting.
The best advice is to, first and foremost, get some ideas! This can be done by looking through books or magazines or by speaking to close family and friends or even a long-standing hairstylist. Remember though to remain realistic by taking your hair type and style into consideration while making your choice.

Also, don’t just stick to one choice. It’s advisable to choose about three or four and ask your stylist to try them all out at your hair trial. This way you will know exactly which one suits you best! Also, try and stay open to new ideas and advice, especially if it comes from people who know you well, as sometimes we often think that something doesn’t look right when in fact, it is the best choice for us. Another important factor to remember is to choose a style that will suit your face shape.

Round faces suit high updo’s and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume.
Choosing the right hair accessories is very important! Although beads, flowers and jewels often add extra sparkle, this only works if they compliment your dress, personality and hairstyle and therefore it’s always best to get an opinion from both your hairstylist and dress consultant.

Wearing a veils is (and probably will always be) one of those wedding traditions that never die out. However, when it comes to veils keep in mind that the aim of these is to compliment your hairstyle and not hide it. Furthermore the type of veil you choose has to work well with your hairstyle for example a large floor-length veil needs to have a sturdy hairstyle that can hold it until it comes off after the ceremony. Another golden rule to remember when it comes to veils is that the hair shouldn’t be worn longer than the veil.

A golden rule when it comes to your wedding hair, is to have your trial well in advance of your wedding. Many brides leave it to the last minute (a week or two before the big day), but this could be very risky as the style you’ve chosen may not work for your hair at its current state and there’ll be little (if any) time to correct this!


For this reason experts recommend that a bride have her first trial three to six months before the wedding day so that the stylist can analyse exactly what will be required from her as well as the bride to acquire the style chosen. The second trial can be done closer to the wedding day.

Top Tips:

  1.  Have a trial run with your stylist as soon as your wedding date is set. If possible, take along a photo of your dress, and any headpiece or hair accessories.
  2.   Find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the colour or have some highlights.
  3.   Never shampoo hair or conditioning treatments on the wedding day.
  4.   On the day of the wedding make sure the bridal party wear button or zip-up clothes. No crew neck jumpers! This will ensure you don’t mess up your style.
  5.   Relax and enjoy – remember it’s supposed to be fun!!!!