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Besides your mother and mother-in-law, the other most important elements of your wedding party are undoubtedly the bridesmaids.

These women are probably the closest of your friends and in most cases, they’ve been by your side for years. They have shared the best and worst moments of your life and they were selectively handpicked by you to closely share your most important day! Most importantly, and as expected, they’ve also supported you during this special (and often very stressful) time of your life and perhaps showing them your appreciation by means of a bridesmaid gift will be the most touching thing you can do for them. Of course, buying a gift for someone so close to you, isn’t always so easy.

That’s why wedding experts recommend that you don’t try and give each women the same gift, but rather identify their uniqueness and give something which will be truly sentimental to each one. Also if you are on a tight budget, don’t feel obliged to splurge out and over spend on these gifts. Remember it’s not the value or size of the gift that counts, but rather the thought. A meaningful gift from the heart will be far more cherished than an impersonal, expensive gift. That said, here are some bridesmaid gift ideas:

  •  Gift certificates to a spa or masseuse.
  •   Voucher to their favourite store or restaurant.
  •   A scrapbook filled with pictures and mementos of your friendship.
  •   Engraved picture frame with a photo of a special shared memory.
  •   Baskets filled with items that reflect hobbies i.e. cookbooks, beads, CDs and perfume.
  •   Personally engraved jewellery boxes.
  •   A fine bottle of wine and crystal wine glasses (as a way to “toast” their efforts).
  •   Jewellery such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets that can be worn during and after the wedding.
  •   A DVD you both enjoyed watching together.