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When it comes to a wedding, there is always great emphasis put on the music for the reception, but not many people give much thought to what will be played at the ceremony.


Granted, entertainment at the reception is extremely important as it’s ultimately going to set the mood once all the formalities are over and done with, but the ceremonial music is equally important and should be carefully considered. An important factor to consider when choosing ceremonial music is the setting of the ceremony. In other words, will it be religious or not.
If it is, then you’ll need to stay within the guidelines of the religion. Most denominations consider a wedding ceremony as a form of worship and many don’t allow non-religious music during the formalities and so the first thing you have to do is check with your chosen church what is permitted.


If the church has a organist or pianist, you can consider using this person to play the processionals and the recessional. Alternatively (and if you can afford it) go for something more soulful such as a violin or string quartet.

Of course, if you’re not having a religious wedding then you literally have carte blanche when it comes to choosing the music. Just keep in mind that it is a formal affair and your choice should be in good taste.
Another way to make your ceremony special is to have someone sing during the event. A soloist accompanied by a guitarist or harp or a duet sung by a male-female vocal duo can really make the occasion extra-ordinary and possibly bring tears to your loved ones’ eyes.

Remember though that if you go for vocal music try and get personally involved in what is sung because needless to say, lyrics of a song are crucial and can make or break that special moment. If you don’t have something in mind, then ask your vocalist for suggestions and ask him to sing it for you. Listen to the words carefully and try to identify what the lyrics mean to you and your partner.

Vocal selections are usually done during the seating of the mothers or lighting of candles by the mothers, before the processional, before the vows and during the serving of communion to the congregation.
Another option when it comes to ceremonial music (and in our opinion, the most romantic of them all) is to get someone (preferably a composer or songwriter) to write a special song for you and your husband-to-be!

It will obviously work better if this individual knows the both of you, but if that isn’t possible then make sure to tell the person you hire to do this a little about yourselves and your relationship so he knows what to focus on in the lyrics. Of course, don’t contact him at the last minute either. Writing a song isn’t as easy as reading a bridal magazine, so if this is the option you decide on, make sure it’s arranged a few months before the wedding day.
So you see, you don’t have to just have meaningless music blasting out of the speakers when you walk down the aisle. Remember this is your day, and you have all the right to personalise it! And choosing your ‘ideal’ music for the ceremony will help you do just that!