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Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to a wedding is choosing the wedding photographer!

You see, once the guests go home and the day is over, you’ll only have your photos (and your wedding rings and spouse) to turn to for great memories! Although stressful, choosing a wedding photographer need not by a frantic and nerve-wrecking mission! Follow these basic tips and you should make a perfectly good choice!

Choose someone that you feel relaxed with:
Remember the photographer is going to be around you for many hours so opting for someone that irritates you and gets you all huffy is a definite NO-NO! For this reason it is important to personally meet with the photographer and if possible take your partner along because he or she will also have to get on with this professional. If you are rather shy and desperately want the photographer to capture EVERY moment of your wedding, including the making up and getting dressed part, maybe opt for a female or a photographer who has a male assistant.

Choose someone with experience!
Not all photographers are experts on weddings! Each photographer has a speciality so it’s important to choose someone who knows their stuff when it comes to this important day in your life. There are many different situations at a wedding where whoever is taking the photographs will need to be able to think on their feet under time constraints, interact with people and still take good photos under different lighting and in various locations. Also, make sure the photographer you choose has photographed a full wedding at least once! It’s very easy to take a few good shots here and there, but maintaining a high standard throughout the day requires energy and experience.


Consider the style of photography you want!
Nowadays it’s popular for wedding photographers to follow a reportage or photo journalistic style (capturing moments as they happen), but if this isn’t your scene then make sure you choose someone who can do what you want! Before making your choice quiz through a few photographers’ websites or portfolios to determine which one will offer you the style of photos you are after.

Make sure your photographer can handle group photos!
This may sound strange, but some photographers are great with individuals or couples, but lack slightly in the group photography department and if your family photos are important to you, then make sure the person you hire can give you what you want!

Decide what’s important to you with regards to the coverage of the day.
Some photographers charge per hour, others offer a standard rate for the day. If you’re only after a few formal shots of the family then there’s no use in hiring someone for the full day. Conversely, if you would like someone for the full day it’s usually more cost effective to choose someone who offers a flat rate. Most photo-
graphers are open to discussion, so go through the options and see what he or she is willing to offer!
Ask whether a CD/DVD or negatives of all the photos are included in the package!
This is very important because many photographers don’t give out high resolution DVDs so that their quality can’t be jeopardised and you will have to order and pay for any extra prints! Others don’t want the hassle of organising reprints, so will happily include a CD or DVD.

Be willing to spend a little extra on your photographs!
As important as budget is, realise that it is not all about money. Your wedding photographs will be the only tangible reminder you will have of your wedding in the distant future, so it’s worth investing in a good photographer who understands how you want to record your special day.