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Ask any wedding venue or planner and they will agree that winter is the least common season for a couple to say “I Do”.

However, they will also quickly tell you that a winter wedding, especially in the Lowveld, can be truly magnificent and most importantly, unique!
Planning a winter wedding can be just as much fun as planning a spring or summer wedding. In fact, because it affords you so many different possibilities from the conventional, it can actually be even more exciting.
The first aspect to consider when planning a wedding during the colder months of the year is the decorations. Top winter wedding colours include purple, navy, and green, but white, ice and powder blue as well as silver are also a good choice.

Candles are also a vital part of a winter wedding. With it being chilly and all, you’ll find that candles add warmth and give off a feeling of togetherness – exactly what most people seek during cold days and nights. Of course, they also add a romantic aura which is precisely what is wanted during a wedding!


Honestly speaking, winter is not the best time for flowers. There is understandably not as much variety to choose from as in the warmer months. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make beautiful choices! Those of you who like roses will be glad to hear that rose bouquets of any colour are highly recommended for a winter wedding while lilies, amaryllis and poinsettias are also firm favourites. Of course food is also an important
element to consider during a winter wedding. Cold sala ds for starters and ice cream for dessert will certainly not be ideal and therefore a little more creativity is needed when it comes to planning a winter wedding menu.
A creamy hot soup to start off followed by a buffet of roasted and baked dishes as well as stews is the best alternative

For dessert, warm apple pie and cream of malva pudding with warm custard are always a huge hit!
The other very important aspect to consider when getting married in winter is the time of the wedding. Remember the sun sets much earlier during this time of the year and your ceremony should not take place later than 3pm – especially if it is being held outside and you want the photos of you and your spouse to be done after the wedding vows. Wedding photographers rely heavily on daylight and won’t be able to offer you superior quality if they don’t have ideal light conditions.