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Pre Wedding

Married people can think back to this special event with either sincere fond memories or with negative thoughts. It is important for the organizers of such a party to take into account who you are dealing with, this party should not be designed around the party goers, but it should be centered around the bride or groom. Being engaged and planning to marry deserves celebration, be creative, it is suppose to be a very private and special event to be cherished in memories for years to come. We have jotted down a few ideas that could be useful when planning this event.

Bridal shower themes. The aim is to shower the bride with specific things she might need.

A lingerie shower
This one is quite popular seeing that a honeymoon is lying on the horizon.
A pamper shower
Create a peaceful atmosphere with candles and soft back round music. Guests can bring gifts that are sinfully delicious like chocolates to a spa voucher. The sky is the limit!

A cosmetics shower
Organize a beauty consultant to do a make over. Shower the bride-to-be with all the beauty necessities.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party
Saying goodbye to the single life and embracing the future. Even though times have changed, it is still widely popular to celebrate your last night as a single with the friends and family you care about. This is not just a normal ladies or guy's night out, that's why it's important to plan ahead. It is not advisable to throw the party the day before the wedding.

The key to success is planning:

  •   Ask the bride/groom what they want
  •   Set a date
  •   Get the guest list
  •   Decide on the theme, costume, drinks, venue and games for the party
  •   Make a list of things to buy
  •   Phone the guests at least a month before the party and follow up on r.s.v.p.'s
  •   Stock up with enough film to capture the memories and assign a person responsible for taking photos
  •   Choose a designated driver.