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The way you talk, walk and socialize says something about you. Your choice of friends, clothes and accessories point out something about your personality. Even your choice of cars conveys some details..

If you think your car is just transportation, you’re wrong! Whether you use a red convertible or a SUV, a MPV or a Beetle, the car you use at your wedding says a lot about you and your partner. It’s in some sense a reflection of who you are.

Based on research, this is what your car says about you:

  •  MPV’s say that you need nurturance and escape
  •   A two-door coupe for single women proclaims gender identity;
  •   An SUV tells people that you have the need for adventure;
  •   Ultra-luxury brands show off your need for status and uniqueness;
  •   Sports cars tell people about youthful exuberance, rejuvenation and impulse control;
  •   A four-door sedan says practicality and nurturance;
  •   Hybrids show off character, doing the right thing as well as having the fear of judgment; and
  •   Compact cars tell people about your need for rationality and character.
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When choosing the car for you wedding, make sure that you know what the vehicle will be “saying” about you and your partner before you make your choice.