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Your Diet

Although the nutritional literature spans very wide and different opinions are available on how to lose weight, there are definitely a few facts which anyone who is knowledgable about eating right would agree upon.

The first obvious thing to do when planning to get in shape for your wedding day is timing. Trying to starve yourself two weeks before the big day will not only leave you feeling lethargic, you will also end up very disappointed.

By giving yourself enough time to get rid of the belly, you are preventing a lot of stress and you are also making sure it is done in a natural, safe and practical manner. Secondly, stick to the basics. Trying to do too many things at the same time will not make the experience enjoyable or easy to cope with and also increases the chances of giving up. Try to divide your large goal up into a couple of smaller goals and start accomplishing them bit by bit. Like lessening the amount of sugar you are using in your coffee and getting rid of the obvious stuff like sweets and treats.

Then start by making sure you are doing the most important things right before jumping to all sorts of “wonder slimming” potions and pills. Make sure you are having enough meals in a day, starting with breakfast as your biggest meal, lunch as your second biggest and supper as your smallest. Also include an appropriate snack in-between your main meals to fight of the hunger pains. That gives a total of 5 meals a day.

Start to take notice of your regular daily eating habits and try to find out from a professional, what you can do to make better choices. Following a diet consisting of foods which you dislike is not always kept to and becomes boring very easily. Chances are you only need to make a couple of changes to your diet to be able to lose a few centimeters.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day; it takes time, dedication and patience to get the body you have always wanted.

For some extra advice on nutrition and getting in shape, feel free to give a call and arrange a session with me (Armand) or Elie at 0137523335 situated at Elie’s Personal Training gym in Nelspruit.